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First Name * Benoit
Last Name * FERRIERE
Username * Mirof
Country * France
City Ajaccio
Nationality french
Languages French


Areas of Expertise Gamecinemapublicity
Preferred Tools Artistic Directionconcept art2D/3D (webuianimationmotion designillustration)


Availability: Freelance


Art Director / Senior Artist freelance with proven artistic, creative and leadership skills and experience & president at Tokkun Studio. Mirof participated to the production of about 30 video games, movies, pub, ... across different art departments (concept art 2D, 3D, ui, animations, cover, packaging, management). Working with the entertainment industry since 2006.

In addition to his work Freelance, Mirof founded the company Tokkun Studio since five years ago with only one goal: offer outsourcing high quality services to our clients. He is very proud of this adventure wich allows him to meet incredible artists and and partners over the years. Tokkun Studio, video game studio and service provider for multimedia and cinema, is based in Annecy in France and Ajaccio in Corsica. The studio is built on an experienced and motivated team from all branches of the entertainment industry. In may 2006, Mirof launch a french professional magazine "Game Development Magazine".

Mirof with Tokkun Studio worked on a lot innovating projects for reputable clients around the world. Partners: Warner, Gameloft, Ubisoft, Pixar, Total Immersion, Virtuos Game, MASA, Game source, e-TF1, Punchers Impact, White birds production, DK games, ...